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Mama's Hand

You can always tell when Mama's been working.

After our 11 hour school shopping trip yesterday – my niece, Brenna and I came home exhausted. I had just come home from an 11 day mission trip to Africa, was a little jet lagged and a whole-lot behind. Unorganized and messy was my house - everything was everywhere and the chaos makes me nervous. I came home and jumped right back into work so I had little time to get back control of my life. I'm well known in my family for my need of order and how feeling overwhelmed brings me down.

But coming into my home late last night I noticed that there were a few things moved around in the kitchen and living room. I noticed areas that were wiped clean, things had been thrown away, mail was neatly stacked, and souveniers I had unpacked were organized to make it easier for me to put away. I immediately recognized my Mama’s hand at work. She was caring for me, helping me, and putting things into order without saying a word.

But I am close enough to my mama that I rest easy in the movement of things because I recognize it's her hand at work.

John 10:27 tells us that God's sheep hears His voice and recognize it - they recognize His hand at work - and He knows His sheep. Isaiah 41:13 says that is it, I, the Lord your God,who holds your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Fear not, I am the one who helps you".

That’s what He does for us. His hands are constantly moving things around, throwing things away and getting them out of our lives, putting new things in replacement of the old and just reorganizing our environment. Are we close enough to recognize that it is God and he’s caring for us? It may be different than what we would do and He may have to get rid of some things or throw things away but He knows us – our strengths and struggles (just as my mom does) and He has a way of bringing our chaos into order in His own way.

Just draw close enough to recognize His voice and His hand and rest easy that it's for our good.

My prayer today is

Father God, draw me close enough to you to recognize your hand at work in my life. When I see things looking different, a change taking place, things moved around or even thrown away – let me not fret. You work all things together for good…..according to YOUR purpose – not mine (Romans 8:28). Let me begin looking at things that happen in my life to see if I can see Your hand at work and recognize as You.

I just adore You. Amen.



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