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Transparent Walk

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Meet Cindy

Girl Behind a Curtain

This is my story.


The attempt to be strong through the battle of my husband's alcoholism, drug use, pornography use, and abuse almost took me down.

The added pain of infertility added an extra burden that caused me to question my life and calling.


But..... I now look back through a transparent lens seeing how an amazing God never let go; how as ever-watchful Father saw everything I held secret and how a faithful Savior redeemed the years. 


Let me take a minute and brag on God and as I'm transparent and honest in telling my story. 

Part I showcases God's protection and the synchronized way that He worked in my life - always in the details.  

Be encouraged and hold fast to His promises. Your struggles are not hidden from Him.



Cindy Collier

I'm a middle-aged newlywed who loves to brag on Jesus.  

As a retired educator/psychologist who wasn't blessed with children of my own, I spent my career loving on and educating kids with special needs.

I love to learn. I love to teach. I love to write. I love my pets. I love my family. I love mission work. I love being creative. And I love using everything that God has chosen to give encourage others.


He promises to Restore.

He promises to Redeem. 

Joel 2:25

Let the work He did in my life be an encouragement to your own.

He has not forgotten you.

Hang on, stay close to Him and let Him do it His way.

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