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The Lord shut him in.

Has God ever closed a door on you?

And the Lord shut him in. (Genesis 7:16). My favorite verse of the story.

I am spring-cleaning and that means I make a big mess pulling in every closet, every drawer, and every cabinet – purging the old, the worn, the damaged and the distracting things that I just don’t need and are taking up space in my home. As I clean I tend to keep the doors closed to the rooms that are in a mess because the clutter all pulled out makes me nuts!

There is something about the keeping doors closed that shuts out the distractions – it quiets the noise – blocks the visual clutter – and takes me away from the things I just do not want to see or be part of.

It controls the chaos and brings peace.

I love when God closes doors. There is something final and something comforting when He is in control. He closes off opportunities that may arise– He stops certain people from entering my life and He closes down specific activities that may have been in my life for years. Those are decisions that I do not have to make –God makes them for me in order to clean out my life and protect me at the same time.

So why do I fret.

Noah’s story can be found in Genesis chapters 6 -9 and can be summed up in a few ‘scenes’:

1. Noah was chosen by God …
2. He was given specific instructions …
3. He obeyed those instructions completely …
4. and God shut the door. 

When Noah and his family got inside that ark – he knew that he had done all he could do. He had listened to God, heard His instruction, and followed the instructions down to the finest detail. He had also obeyed God when God said – Noah - go get your stuff together, gather up your family, leave everything behind and do not look back.

Noah didn’t moan and grumble when he realized that things were never going to be the same after God shut that door to the ark. Things would look alot different when that door was reopened. God was not only protecting him but He was cleaning house. God was getting rid of the chaos in the world, ridding the land of the old ways, the damaged, and the dirty. But as God was doing His work on the outside He was also protecting Noah behind the door He closed.

When God closed the door and shut them in He created a place with protection, peace, and provision.

Now God never promises us that behind a closed door is a perfect life - He certainly didn't promise Noah that his ride would be a luxury cruise with all those animals on board....but He did promise that it is better than the alternative because outside His will is total pandemonium, fear and death.

Have you ever done everything that you know to do but God closed the door?

I have. Many times.

But I learned from Noah's story to just ride out the waves and remember that God is protecting you from the alternative. God is hiding you while He works. He is preparing a new place for you to enter. And He will open up the door when He gets things ready.

Just trust Him in the protection He has granted.

So my prayer today is:

Father God -- shut the door on things in my life that distract me – things that are not good for me – and things that bring chaos into my life. Shut the door on bringing people in my life who may bring harm and pain. Like Noah – if I have heard Your voice and am walking in Your instruction then I will rejoice when You shut me in. Close out the distraction, the confusion, the danger and the death that lies outside Your will. You know best. Inside your will is provision, protection and peace. Like for Noah and his family– inside that closed door may still hold challenges but it is nothing like the turmoil outside. So my promise to You is that I will not grumble and complain when You say No and shut me off from something that I think should happen. I will not whine and cry when You seemingly ignore my request. And I will not feel sorry for myself when a door slams shut. I will listen to Your voice – I will follow Your instructions and I will put myself in the shoes of Noah – and rejoice when I can say ….

And the Lord shut ME in.

I adore You. Amen.



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