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Pinhole Prayers

Sometimes my prayer seems so insignificant .... but to God my tiny little prayer can open up the overwhelming power of darkness.

Have you ever been in a room that was SO dark that it almost hurt? I have. I went on a mission trip years ago before cell phones, and I stayed with a Cherokee family, way back in the mountains of the Cherokee reservation lands. At night? It was dark. REALLY dark. It was suffocatingly dark. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I was smothering. I needed just a tiny bit of light - one small bit of illumination - somewhere I could focus my eyes - so that I could breathe.

Recently while on my morning walk, I took the time to pray. I usually pray for my family, the needs of friends, my church, and my own requests, but on that day I began praying for things that were heavy on my heart. These things had been weighing on me and felt like a wet wool blanket holding me down and robbing me of my joy. I began to pray for people - not specific people but the world in general. I prayed for those suffering from addiction, children and animals being abused, wives being mistreated, the racism, lawlessness and violence that seems to have taken over our country, human trafficking that sickens me, hungry people without a way to feed themselves, those who are dying without knowing Jesus and don't seem to care, the lonliness of older people with no one to care for them and the list goes on and on.

Big prayers. Overwhelming issues. Issues that I thought were so insurmountable that my little prayer had absolutely no effect. Why was I wasting my time praying that God would intervene in fighting a darkness that was smothering to me? I began to feel like I was chipping away at Mt. Everest with a tiny little chisel.

One little me.....saying one little prayer.....about a darkness that was all consuming.

But.....God heard it.

My prayer was so tiny it was like a pinhole. Small and inconsequential. pinhole prayer had the power to pierce the darkness. It was tiny, but to God? It was powerful.

One pinhole prayer can completely deflate the plans of the enemy.

2 Kings 6 tells the story of Elisha and his servant. They were surrounded by a battalion of horses and chariots sent by an enemy king. Looking at the darkness that had completely surrounded the city - a darkness that had come in the dead of night with its sights on overtaking and destroying the city - the servant panicked seeing that the problem was too great - too big - too overwhelming to even begin to fight.

But Elisha prayed: Lord, open his eyes so he may see. Don't be afraid because those who are with us are more than those who are with them (vs 16).

And the servant saw.

He saw an even bigger - greater battalion of fierce fighting angels on the horizon. God had called in an angelic force that could not be equaled by anything on earth.

Those tiny prayers against a battalion of darkness shakes the heart of God. He moves into action with a force that we can not see. Those tiny little whipered prayers meet heaven with a thunderous roar that God doesn't ignore.

The darkness is not too much for God.

Each time you pray against evil you create a bigger and bigger space for God's light to come rushing in.

Each time you punch a pinhole into darkness it weakens the enemy.

Each time you push a pin into darkness by praying - it has the power to crush and void the plans of the enemy.

The darkness is never too much for God.

Father - Open our eyes so that we can see the force of heaven that is called up by our tiny little prayers.

So pray for the BIG things. Come against darkness with your powerful prayer. God hears it and regardless of how insignificant it feels, your prayers? They rock the very heart of an all powerful God. Your pinhole prayers will unleash the power of the almighty creator.

My prayer today:

Father God, I will pray for BIG things. I pray for those around the world who are affected by issues that are too big to fathom. I pray that darkness would release its grip on those affected by: cancer, addiction, violence, abuse, hunger and hopelessness. I pray for those who have fallen victim to human trafficking, animals and children who are being abused, the elderly who are forgotten, those who are dying without Jesus, those without jobs, without love, and without hope. I pray against racism and hate. I pray for the things I cannot control. I pray for the suffocating darkness that evil brings. You are God. You hear my powerful pinhole prayer because my whisper is heard as a mighty thunder in heaven that rocks your heart. We know you are there and adore You for it. Amen.



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