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Cast it

To Cast: to throw forcefully and let it go.

I am my daddy’s child and have the heart of a farmer. I love to plant and watch things grow. I also love to save seed from year to year and replant – but sometimes I’m fearful that all of the work and effort I use to harvest the seed is not actually worth the trouble. How can I trust that the seed I work to gather and dry will actually sprout and grow again?

Is there life still in the seed after the dying cycle of the flower?

Sometimes in the restoration of a life – one of the therapeutic activities that is recommended is to start something new. It rids you of the stagnant existence you may have been living in and brings new life into something that was dead. It involves trusting again, stretching yourself and facing fear. It can be the birth of a ministry – a new job – a new place to live….a new business .... the birth of an idea that God has placed in your heart. But you aren’t moving forward because you are paralyzed with fear.

In Ecclesiastes 11 God told us to cast your bread (seed) upon the water and you will find it again. He goes on to say, by observing the wind you will not sow; and watching the clouds you will not reap. He also said, you can not understand the work of God – the maker of everything. We have no clue what is in God's mind - in His plan.

Now casting means – throw it and take your hands off. Throw it hard - not weakly - with vigor....with effort. Doing your best! How can you cast with it still clutched in your hand - under your control? Trust God from that point. Stand back and watch to see what He does with it. That’s the rebirth God will do in you – in His own way. Just trust Him again.

If you have been in prayer to determine God’s will about something that has been placed in your heart but are paralyzed with fear about moving forward – then “cast the seed”.

Ecclesiastes 11:4 says that if you just sit and watch the wind blow – worrying about whether it will hinder the seed (or idea) from growing – it won’t. If you sit and watch the clouds wondering if there will be enough rain to water the seed – then there won’t be.

Growth from the casting of the seed is not your job! You are to cast -that’s where it ends.

Verse 5 says that you do not know how God works – You have no idea where He will take your seed. You just cast it.

My prayer is:

Father God, allowing you to do a new work in us brings fear – both fear of failure and fear of rejection. If you have placed a burning desire within us to do a new thing then give us the courage to cast our seed. Help us not to look around to figure it out on our own – because as you said – we do not understand your ways. You are pleased when we cast it and let it go. Help us to trust again because You are trustworthy. You cast out all fear. And You are our Abba-Daddy who takes care of us.

I adore you. Amen.



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