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Bella and the Frog

God is an incredible teacher….. He can even teach me a lesson with a frog.

I do not like frogs. No...I mean REALLY do not like frogs. But sometimes I feel like this little, fat, green, soft, squishy guy. I feel delicate, vulnerable and under the crosshairs of the enemy.

II Kings 6:17 tells us that Israel was being attacked by the army of Aram. Elisha and his servant were surrounded by the army troops and it looked like they were doomed. The servant ran to Elisha scared to death and Elisha was moved. He prayed to God for the servant, “O God open his eyes and let him see!”

God answered Elisha's prayer and opened the servant's eyes. He then looked to the hills and saw a huge army of angelic beings ready to protect them! These angelic beings were not twittering, delicate little angels – but warring angels. This band of angel troops were invisible to the enemy but were now visible to Elisha and his servant. When God opened their eyes and they saw the protection God gave them - they relaxed.

Sometimes God’s protection is transparent and unseen – like the glass between Bella and the frog. Bella tried to scratch, claw and devour the frog but the frog remained calm and relaxed. He was watchful of the enemy but never flinched as Bella attempted to devour him through the protective glass. God must have opened the frog’s eyes as he did the servant in II Kings – he must have seen that the invisible protection of the glass would prevent him any harm so he just calmly watched the enemy’s attempts. He relaxed in that unseen protection.

What a wise creature.

How many times a day does God do that for us? How many times during the day does He protect us with mighty invisible warring angelic beings. How many times a day does God send the legions of beings at his disposal and at his call to protect His children from unseen enemy attacks. How often do I thank God for those unseen battles in the heavens and the protection that he gives me?

Not enough.

My prayer today is:

Father God – your word says for me to be watchful because the enemy prowls around seeking someone to devour (I Peter 5:8). I know that there are mighty battles that go on daily in the heavens for me and I know that you protect me with your unseen hand. Exodus 14:14 says that you will fight for me - the enemy can watch me – can scratch, claw, aim and fire weapons at me and even try to devour me at my weakest point –but I am enclosed with an invisible force field of protection. I can remain calm like that little frog – unmoved – unstressed and totally relaxed. In times of fear – open my eyes God and let me see the encampment of invisible warring angels that you have directed to protect me because you love me so. I love you and will relax in your mighty invisible protection.

I adore you. Amen.



Transparent Walk

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