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A Transparent Walk

A transparent walk gives God the last word. 

I love the story of Joseph. His life wasn’t easy–he was bullied by his brothers, thrown in a hole and sold into slavery. But even with all of those things - Joseph looked at the evil done to him – not with anger but with an understanding that God used it for good. After being reunited with his abusive brothers, Genesis 50:20 says that Joseph told them – You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

God mightily used Joseph. He did not wallow in the pain of his past but only looked back to remember the evil done to him in order to be transparent and to testify of God’s faithfulness through it so others might be saved. 

That’s a transparent walk.

Nothing hidden, nothing forgotten, and nothing getting in the way of being open enough to let others learn from our own walk. Sometimes evil things come upon us for no other reason than we live in a dark world – so there should be no guilt and no shame. Let me remember and use the memories of things that were intended to harm me as a testament of God’s goodness, mercy, faithfulness and power to restore. I want my life to serve as a jar of remembrance.

In Exodus 16:33, Moses said to Aaron, Take a jar and put an omer of manna in it. Then place it before the Lord to be kept for the generations to come” -- for others walking through a wilderness as I did. All of our experiences and paths are distinct. We all have something different to share, to teach and testify about….if we are open in allowing God to showcase the wondrous things He can do in our lives and through our pain and struggles.

I want others to hold on to hope that God is watching, has not left you alone, but is biding His time until He intervenes for His glory. 

Joseph is such a good example to follow – I want God to use the evil in our lives for good as a testament to His faithfulness in order to bring hope to those still facing their battle. Turn back and remember - take notice of how far God has brought you and allow Him to use your pain for His purpose. God is never wasteful. ​You may be the only one who will understand what someone else is experiencing and the only one to whom they will listen. If you are not walking a transparent walk and testifying to God’s goodness through the storm you have faced - then you are allowing Satan and the evil he has bestowed upon you to have the last word.

And I – for one – refuse to let Satan have the last word.

My prayer today is:

God, let the battleground of our past testify to Your faithfulness so that others, who are traveling the same road, will have the hope they need to hang on. Many of those who are still in their storm cannot see an end and have lost their faith. Use us. Do not allow Satan to think he has won– He is the author of lies and a fool. You have the last word – he may have brought evil upon us but use it for Your glory.

I love and adore You. Amen.



Transparent Walk

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