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A few of my Favorite things...

This is not a lesson, devotional or a serious post, in fact you probably won't learn a thing -It's just for fun.

In this time of 'social distancing', we have all spent an inordinate amount of time at home. Time at home staying safe, getting things done that we've been wanting to do, finishing up overdue projects and trying to adapt to this strange temporary lifestyle change. Having spent time moving at a slower pace, it's given me time to think.

Most of my adult life was lived in an environment without true peace. I'm finding out that due to the constant emotional turmoil, that I didn't really take time to know myself - to find out who I really was. I kept moving quickly so I wouldn't have time to think. In order to keep the peace I always gave into what others wanted.

Somehow I lost myself.

So, giving praise to God, today I am finally peaceful. I'm finally gaining the confidence that I need to realize that I'm also important - what I like, what I want and what brings joy to me should also be held as a priority. I've learned to find joy in some of the simplest things in my home - things that just make me smile - things that I enjoy doing, using or just looking at -at home. Things that make

I took some time to think about what brings joy into my home. Some of them are silly and mundane but to me they are my favorites and just for fun I thought I'd share them with you.

I love....

1. my 20 year old overalls covered in holes and paint

2. a long hot bath with a book and a snack

3. our magnet collection from our travels

4. jaw breakers, chocolate, diet coke, pineapple cream cheese and SlimJims

5. studying my Bible and writing

6. my diy coconut hand scrub

7. decorating my cabinet for every season

8. my old work boots, red toes and dirty farmers feet

9. my fur babies snuggles

10. my favorite air fragrance

11. late afternoons watching the sunset

12. doing work projects and spending time with the love of my life

13. the tin bucket in my kitchen and the little red truck

14. taking a Sunday after church nap on the couch

15. flowers everywhere

16. planting herbs and watching things grow

17. canning pickles and preserves

18. cleaning the house, organizing the closets and labeling all my shoes with photos

19. my rustic dining table with benches

20. mason jars of flowers in the window

21. riding the four-wheeler, target practice with my gun and my cowboy boots

22. everything diy - crafts and making something new again

23. baking pretty things

24. peanut butter

25. and last but not least....chickens

There are so many things- simple things that bring joy and peace to my home and I think it makes God smile. To God you are a priority and important. He hasn't lost you so don't allow someone else to take that away.

Take time to think about your favorite things - things that brighten your day and make you smile - what would they be?

My prayer today is:

Thank you God for giving us joy in the simplest of things. I do love you.



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