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When I'm Full I can give from the abundance that is within.

I have a houseplant that drips water from its leaves – not all the time - only when it’s full. After I water it deeply at the roots and it is completely full of water does it drip from its overflow. The same water that gave it life it gives back.

Last night I fell asleep in the bathtub….again. Sometimes I find that the older I get the harder it is just to keep up. I not only get physically tired but emotionally and spiritually worn out. Sometimes I face internal spiritual battles from the enemy that he designs just to wear me down so that I have nothing left to give….leaving me with barely enough sustenance to keep going much less enough to pour into others – I find myself being drained so that I have no overflow.

And with that Satan smiles.

Matthew 14 tells the story of Jesus feeding the 5000+. In this story Jesus had compassion on the crowd of people that had gathered eager to hear Him teach. He knew their needs and knew that they could not stay indefinitely without nourishment. His instruction to the disciples was to gather the resources that they had available - even though He knew that it would not be enough. Jesus then looked up to the Father, gave Him thanks and began ministering to the people with what they had brought to Him - the resources they, in their human-ess, could muster up. The story goes on to tell us in verse 20 that “they all ate and were filled” not barely satisfied but filled with excess.

In that story...four things stick out to me:

  • Jesus knew their needs – that they could only last so long without sustenance – He didn’t expect them to. He understands our limitations and our weaknesses.

  • Jesus didn’t ask them to meet their own needs by going back to the village to buy food. He could supply what they lacked.

  • Notice that God brought increase only AFTER they had given all that they had and began following His command. He only expects you to give what you have and obey. He can handle it from there.

  • In verse 19 Jesus had the crowds sit - get ready for the blessing. In faith - they sat - not seeing the increase but preparing for the blessing - they were to fully expect Him to meet their needs. Get ready for the supply of strength that God is going to provide you to do the tasks that He has asked you to do.

  • God didn’t supply just enough – He supplied excess…more than they needed to get by.

When we internalize and take time to remind the enemy that God not only understands that we are but flesh and blood and can only do so much – that all he expects is obedience – and that he is perfectly capable of filling us so completely in every area of our life that we have more than enough to overflow and pour his love and service into others around us and to do the tasks that He has called us to do …..

With that…..Satan will cease to smile.

So my prayer today is:

Father God, Your word says that you are my strength (Exodus 15:2). You know that we get tired and overrun so that we have very little to give. Our hearts are to pour into others from the overflow that you have given us but our bodies are human, minds and emotions have limits and are weak. Satisfy me to overflowing with physical, emotional and spiritual strength that I need to do what you called me to do. You are MY Jehovah Jireh – the God who will provide for our every need. Thank You for that promise.

I adore You.




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