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Welcome to my site!


I pray that it will be an encouragement to you. God has written a wonderful story with my life - He has created a tapestry, weaving together both the good and the bad into something that I think can be used to showcase God and His faithfulness.  


Experiential learning is the way I learn best. It is taking each experience - even the mundane, everyday things I go through and seeing see God in them. God teaches me lessons, if I take the time to see Him through each one, and relates those lessons back to His Word. Sometimes they are simple and even silly but they speak to me and move me closer to Him and further along on my walk. 


As He teaches me I want to share them with you. I want to stop on my own walk- turn around and show you things I'm learning and the things I see. I want to be transparent in my walk so that you can see God through my mistakes and my victories.  


Look around the site - there are three sections:


  • Start with my story - it will help put things in perspective. Part II is still be written.        

  • My blog posts about everyday kind of things - print the devotionals to share 

  • Devotionals about things God has taught me 


All I want is for God to use my history, my experiences (both good and the bad) and my daily walk to minister and encourage others who may be walking through the same places that I've been. I want God to have the last word in my life.




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I am a survivor of a marriage controlled by addiction, pornography, mental illness and all that goes with it. 


A life lived with someone I loved but grew to fear.

A life lived through secrets and deception.

But a life completely restored because of God and His promises. 

No more secrets.


Walking a life that is Transparent enough to show Jesus through it all.

Transparent Walk

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